Shield Rush ignores collision

Detailed description: I was running an Empowered Monolith, Lost Catacombs echo, and I had just used Shield Rush to dash away from some enemies and clear some of the map. During this, I noticed I had run right through a wall. Specifically the walls with the doorway arches. I thought maybe it was a 1 off thing. I proceeded to line my character up and use Shield Rush to run through 3 walls in a row, ignoring the doors.

How consistently does this happen? This is a consistent thing, I am able to do this everytime on this Echo. I took a short video but even in a zip, its too large to upload here.

Bump here, it is very consistent and can be done simply by running into wall, or even jump over small differences in floor height. I can say it is consistent, but the wall can’t be too thick or other floor too high, or it won’t work. Confirmed today that this bug exists.

This is a known issue with movement skills and even other offensive skills where you can move through obstacles or hit and be hit by mobs through walls depending on angles and openings.

Devs are aware of this.

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