Shield Rush causes your character to teleport underground and remain stuck. Unable to get out unless you run Volatile Reversal

Here’s a clip. Notice that the only way I can get out of this stuck underground issue is using Volatile Reversal. The ability in general is clunky due to it already having another bug which freezes your character in place, unless you cast any other ability.

Clip -


Same happens to my character. Can’t play the build because this skill is my primary Damaging skill. Keep getting stuck underground on Reign of Dragons boss fight.


I’ve run into the bug as well, here are some clips. I found that The Ruined Coast is especially easy to trigger the bug. Had to switch skills to clear.

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Yeah the terrain bug for Shield Rush needs to be fixed.
Especially the Reign of Dragons boss fight is literally unplayable.

Can second this bug

Also having this problem on ignite shield rush forge guard

bumping for visibility