Shield rush behaves weird in online game

Shield rush behaves right when I press and hold assigned key for some time. When I release key, shield rush stops with end animation.

  1. When I just press the key and release it quick, the shield rush starts and does not stop until the player hits an obstacle. At this point the running animation of player does not stop, player keeps running in place.

  2. When I just press the key and release it quick, shiueld rush starts. When I then tap the key again player still keeps running until it hits an obstacle. When I then click with mouse somewhere on screen, player is “teleported” back to the place where the second keypress happened.

  3. When no shield is equipped and you try to shield rush, player start shield rush in place (running animation in place) and you hear constantly sound of shield rush start.

1 - 3 only happens in online game.

Addendum 2:
In “The Ruined Coast” area shield rush does not work at all. Player just moves 1 meter or so and then ends shield rush.


I just got my first Sentinel up to Shield Rush. The node that removes the requirement for a shield just straight-up doesn’t work. The skill does nothing when I press it while holding a spear. That may be OP’s #3, but adding just in case.

I have a similar issue, if not the same issue. No offense but Im struggling to understand exactly what you are saying.

Mine is:

Sometimes, when I cast shield rush, my screen shows that I am running in the line. But, the game believes that my character is where I cast the ability. Using a different ability will “snap” me back to the original spot of the cast. I could get some footage and upload for a dev if it would make it easier.

Edit**: Also My shield rush works without a shield, as long as I have the node requirement fulfilled in the talent tree.

I also experienced the rubberbanding with shield rush, when not holding down the key, but only tapping it.

New player here.

Same experience today in online mode.
I have created identically offline character, shield rush work fine.

Too bad, I will stay in offline and avoid using the online mode.

I am also experiencing all the above. I end up dying in monoliths and cannot get my rewards because of this.

Ok guys, I’ve created a short video which show all three bugs I mentioned.

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I have the same issue

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