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Shield Riush has odd targeting/range

I wasn’t sure If I should list this in Bug forum or not, since it’s a class specific skill. figured I’d list it here since I’m also discussing it’s behavior and what I think it should do.

This didn’t seem to be this way last time I played. But Shield rush has an odd/buggy targeting process. sometimes I’ll only go a few meters. Other times I’ll charge to my target. Other times I’ll charge right through my target and keep going until I hit a solid object (charged through 3 rooms one time doing this).

My image of shield charge is it should be a fixed distance charged, OR a targeted charge within that range (and fixed max range if no target). Since it’s an ability that damages things you move through. just having a fixed range that you charge all the time would work. targeting a mob and running to it makes sense too. But right now it’s completely random as to how it behaves. not sure this is expected.

Currently Shield Rush is a channeled ability-- you travel until you release the button or hit an object. This was changed in 0.5.4 to make the skill more distinct from Lunge, it’s somewhat experimental.

This behavior is mentioned in the tooltip but I’ll pass on that it isn’t very obvious. Thanks!

thanks for the info! I’ll play with it to get used to that.

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