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Shield Crafter Node Wording

I’m building a FG Sentinel and looking through the nodes, I see an issue with the wording for the Shield Crafter node. In the written description, it states: “You have a chance to cast Ring of Shields when you block a hit.” But in the nodes stats for a lack of a better term, it states: “Chance to cast Ring of Shields when hit”. This wording is confusing as I’m unsure of how it actually procs. Do I need to block a hit or do I need to be hit? If I’m running a two handed build, it would be nice to still be able to use this nodes to proc some defenses without having to spec into block chance.

The in-game Game Guide, [G] key by default, gives some good info on the Block mechanic, among other information. Though, the last sentence is of great relevance here;

I appreciate the info on block mechanics. My question is more in regards to what is actually needed to proc the node Shield Crafter. It states I need to block a hit and then I need to be hit. So I’m unsure of what the node actually wants from me.


Ah yes, I see the wording issue. I’d assume it’s when you Block a Hit, but my own FG is 3 measly levels away from me being able to test and verify this myself.

Though, I’ll see if I can get a few levels to verify OR someone, who clearly plays Sentinel more than I, answers the question.

If you end up getting those 3 levels soon, I’d be very interested to know the testing outcome. It sorta defines the build for 2H vs sword’n board from the get go, so lack of clarity makes it a pain.

Yes, I can confirm that the Shield Crafter passive node has a 1-3% chance to proc when you Block a Hit.

Thanks man, I appreciate the help!

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Oh… Kay… I was thinking that it also procs on being hit. Interesting.

Now how do we know it’s intended? :nerd_face: