Shield Charge makes character being stuck in the ground, or

I’m playing Shield Charge and have a lot of trouble with my character getting stuck in the charge animation (can be unstucked sometimes by shield charging again), bugging into terrain (ground, stairs, piles of rocks, etc) or rubberbanding to places where I shouldn’t be.

This happens especially often in the Emperor of Corpses boss fight, but is an issue in the entire game. I’ve done about 20 tries of the boss so far and every time I was killed due to one of the previously stated issues.

Here are some videos: Stuck in ground at 6% boss health Stuck in ground at 11% boss health Stuck in ground again Repeatedly getting stuck in charge animation, thus not able to run out of the boss’ nuke Stuck in charge animation again

Needless to say, this is very frustrating as these issues effectively prevent me from progressing through the monoliths.

I’d like to see these issues fixed.

There are some posts on Reddit about similar issues, so I guess there’s something generally wrong with the skill:

Bumping for support.

Bumping cuz shield rushers need help :frowning:

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