Shattering of Uniques


Got so many unique duplicates that I need to get rid of them and selling for 500 coin just seems a waste as coin is not much of a problem getting in this game.

Please enable shattering for uniques… Even if it only shatters into ‘normal’ affixes (and no unique affixes) I think that may be worth more than 500 coin… Maybe it could just shatter with a higher chance into the rarer affixes/runes/glyphs to make it worthwhile spending 2000 coin shattering runes on it…

Just an idea…

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I think it would be a nice idea if they could come up with some use for the duplicate uniques, but if you rule out the “unique” affixes, there’s no way the “normal” uniques would be worth 500 gold.

Maybe shatter the uniques into a “unique shard” that can be forged into a random unique. Potentially with something else (& a higher cost) to allow us to choose the item slot (eg, helm, one-handed weapon, ring, etc) that you get.

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hmm… your suggestion made me think of the crafting fracturing thread… maybe they can make uniques shatter into the repair runes people have been suggesting…


Yeah, or that, though you’d need to be wary that that wouldn’t give the player so many that they can keep on fixing a fractured item indefinitely. Especially with trading likely to be a source of cheap crap uniques that no-one wants.

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Would be neat if shattering a unique had some percent chance of getting a shard (rune slot item) that could repair instability on an item. Maybe 20% chance to get the shard and repairs 2 instability when used.

It couldn’t be a 100% chance to get it because that would flood the “market”. It also shouldn’t repair much because that would decrease demand too much.

Numbers would definitely need to be looked at once the trade market opens up, assuming they are tradable.

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There is no reason a level 70 base unique should be a mere 500 gold. Either base it on the gambling cost for said item or the level of the base item.

Your example would need 10 runes just to restabalise one item.

Make the odds of the rune 5% instead and push its effects to 10.

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