Shatter Uniques

But instead of shards, Glyphs!

Or a vendor that took " x number of unique items and exchanged them for random new one " (like that ‘other’ game does).

Just a thought… its late I’m bored.

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Yup, that’s not a bad idea, and it’s not just D3 that does it.

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I thought that was a poe thing

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That too. Though I’d forgotten about PoE doing it as well… I was thinking of D3 converting sets rather than uniques.

A prophecy from Navali: The Mysterious Gift “A merchant seeks to trade misfitting gifts. Five for one, but what is the one?” You will trade five unique Items with a vendor (Navali) (path of exile).

Grim Dawn has a feature as well.

I’ve actually been ruminating on an idea for shattering uniques. The idea is that they either shatter and give you nothing OR have a chance to give you a rare type of currency that could be used to remove a Fracture.

The amount of this currency required to fix a fracture would be based on:

  1. Type of Fracture
  2. Base Item Level
  3. Total affix level on the item at time of fracture.

The catch is that an item could only have a fracture cleared a single time. If you clear it, and it fractures again, the item is destroyed permanently.


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