Shatter Strike's cull

So, Shatter Strike has a unique form of cull. It culls a)frozen mobs that are b)below 100hp.

IMO, this is entirely redundant for 2 reasons:

  • The mobs you want cull to affect (bosses, champions, etc) have a lot of hp so are hard to freeze
  • The threshold is so redonculously low (100 hp, how many thousands of damage do you do to a target?) that if you hit a frozen target below 100 hp, you’d kill it anyway, regardless of whether the cull procs or not.

Even with the 2 nodes that affect the cull (Obliteration & Winter’s Boon), at best the highest the threshold can get to is 600 → 100 x 200% x (4 x 25%) = 100 x 3 x 2.

How much damage reduction would a boss need for your hits to do substantially less than 600? And how many hours would the fight have already lasted?

IMO, they should either

  • swap it to a “normal” cull, potentially keeping the freeze requirement but giving it a relatively large threshold.
  • add a few zeroes to the 100 hp threshold, but this would be problematic in lower level zones where the mobs don’t have as much hp so it might need to be based on the area level (so that the threshold works out to be a reasonable % of a bosses unmodified hp).

Yeah, when I first read that I was like, “Lulz, pointless.”

Culls should always be %-based, imo, because of how monster scaling works. As for the freeze requirement, I think it might make more sense to change that to “% chance to kill frozen non-unique enemy” or something.

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