Shatter Strike with Frozen Shrapnel causes lag

What went wrong?
Frozen Shrapnel is a node that adds projectiles whenever you use Shatter Strike, which is useful for dealing more hits and for example applying more stacks of frostbite.

Spamming Shatter Strike with this node causes accumulative delays in situations when enemies stay alive for more than a few seconds or the game keeps spawning enemies, like boss fights and Beacons. It begins to be noticeable after 30 seconds or so.

Spamming projectiles causing lag is nothing new and it has been improved a lot, but it is still something that happens with several builds, particularly when you are playing with someone else and with minions.

Anyway in this case I recorded everything when I was playing alone and even though I haven’t tested it I guess it would not be causing these problems if I wasn’t attacking so many times and so fast.

I usually have around 40ms delay but at times with Frozen Shrapnel I felt they were like 5-10 seconds. This is not very easy to see on the videos, unless you pay attention to when I try to use a skill and it doesn’t activate, like teleport usually.
For example in the first video around 30 to 50 seconds

  • I tried to use teleport at 32 and it was activated at 38
  • I tried to use flame ward at 38 and it was activated at 45

After that the boss synced again, maybe because I hadn’t attacked for a while.

Meanwhile without Frozen Shrapnel you can see how it runs smoothly almost 100% of the time. By the way all these recordings are from before 0.9.1, I haven’t tested this in the latest patch from yesterday but I image it’s exactly the same.

Screenshots (via a site like imgur) or video, if applicable
With Frozen Shrapnel:

Without Frozen Shrapnel:

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