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Shatter strike-winter's boon wrong tool tip

Simply reading and comparing the “winter’s boon” to other similar effects at a glance makes you think you can kill enemies at 200% health. On a closer inspection you might assume that the tool tip is wrong and it activates at 50% actually. but in reality all that chain of abilities does is to kill enemies that are below 400hp max. that is really underpowered and confusing to get your head around it. i would appreciate if you would simply remove the “kill threshold” from its description considering the maximum it can do is deal 400 hp. or alternatively make it a % based skill. (here we compare again with the others, the max i noticed is 16% max hp kill threshold, so having 20% on frozen and after you use 4 distinct spells seems reasonable)
alternatively you could simply add a % based node in the skill tree that just upgrades the skill.


Yeah, it’s not wrong, it’s just really, really bad. It also still requires mobs to be frozen to be culled.