Shatter Strike Obliteration not working

The Obliteration node on Shatter Strike isn’t working at all.

Node with 1/4 points is kill threshold at 50%. The node doesn’t specify any type of monster that can’t be affected so I would assume it’s anything that I can freeze should die once they’re below 50% and I hit them (unsure if it would be only with shatter strike or also with other skills) however I tested both and it doesn’t work either way.

The small mobs just die before I can even really test it. I would have to go back and slow my recording but on the meruna ogres I was freezing even once they were well below 50% around maybe 10-20% HP they still just wouldn’t die.

I have it recorded and can record more but I figured it could likely be solved without it. Worst case if it requires footage and I can upload it later.

Thanks in advance.

That is not what the node says.
“Kill threshold against frozen ennemies : +50% per point”
Shatter Strike has a base kill threshold of 100hp against frozen ennemies. Every point in that node increased that threshold by 50%.
Otherwise, with how you understood the text you would have a 100% kill threshold with 2 points or 200% kill threshold with 4 points.

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