Shatter & craft

Mon VoidKnight lvl 60+, viens de se crafter une superbe amulette (Vitality, crit, Void Dmg, etc).
En voulant upgradé le tier d’un de ces affixes, j’ai appuyé par erreur sur SHATTER… :sleepy:

D’où ma suggestion, serait-il possible de dissocier le SHATTERING d’avec le CRAFT ?
Par exemple en ajoutant un pnj dédié :

  • vente de runes of Shattering
  • SHATTERING des items.


My VoidKnight lvl 60+, crafted a nice amulet (Vitality, crit, Void Dmg, etc).
In trying to upgrade the tier of one of these affixes, I mistakenly pressed SHATTER…
Hence my suggestion, would it be possible to dissociate SHATTERING from CRAFT UI?
For example by adding a dedicated npc:
-for runes of Shattering sale
-for SHATTERING of items.

Ouille, c’est rude.

Mais une amulette de perdue, 10 de retrouvées!
Bonne suggestion en tous cas.

For the non-French among us (nobody is perfect), “pnj” is “npc”. Rest of the translation is fine.

Maybe they could add a confirmation button exclusively for shattering (and removal).

So if you’re shattering a number of items you need an extra click?

This screams user error… a lot. Maybe an opt in setting but for the love of all that’s holy if I have to click more times to shatter stuff I simply stop doing it but for the most rare affixes.

If they add a mass shatter window finaly (Don’t know when I asked for it the last time tbf) such a confirmation button would be nice but for solo Items? Nah but no problem with an opt in solution.

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Yeah, exactly. But the devs could easily compensate the overall number of clicks by moving crafting mats into the stash at pickup. :wink:

Man, the amount of times I’ve trashed an item because I didn’t notice I had a chaos glyph equipped instead of a hope. lol

Yeah, that’s happened a few times to me as well.