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Shared Physical Damage Leeched As Health Affix

For the Shared Physical Damage Leeched As Health Affix, it has these 2 properties:

Physical Damage Leeched as Health - added
A percentage of your damage is returned to you as health over three seconds.

Minion Physical Damage Leeched as Health - added
A percentage of your damage is returned to you as health over three seconds.

Do the Minions gain the life leech, or do you gain the life leech for the “Minion Physical Damage Leeched as Health” portion?

The only definitive minion life leech where the minions get the benefits of the leech that I can tell is on the Reach of the Grave unique, where it states “Your minions leech 10% of damage dealt by their spells and bow attacks as health”. Is that the only thing in the game where minions can leech with?

Thanks for your replies.

From testing, it seems as though I gain the life, not my minions. So, I guess that unique is the only thing that has minions gain life from leech.

No, minions gain the life from their attacks but they have much more hp than you so it’s harder to tell.

Nope. The minion life leech tooltip is a copy of the player life leech tooltip. It’s an oversight.

Minion health leech only works for minions. They don’t leech for you. There’s currently no source of any leech of companions or minions that applies to the player.

There’s a Unique Scythe that grands 50hp per minion hit to the player, but its worded very clearly.

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I would like to understand the test. :innocent:

sure, with the wand on, my assembled abomination’s health never moved, but when I took off the wand and used body and helmet armor with this affix on, it went straight down. This could be the difference 10% vs 1.8% X2, or the fact that the 10% is leeched from spell damage (Bone Nova) vs the shared physical (Melee Attack), although, I would think the AA would do more physical damage than spell damage., but apparently not, or at least, the 10% is a lot more than the 2 1.8s.

FYI, I have the node Age of Undeath and only have 5 Skeletal Mages summoned with it. The damage it takes is from the Infernal Shade attached to it. With the wand, the damage is not noticeable and the health seems to never move. Without the wand, (and only the body/helm leech) it goes down quickly.

The stuff on your helmet/armor is ONLY good for physical damage.

Things like Devouring Souls through Corrupted Plate are spells, so Reach of the Grave works. Also, many of these additional abilities are not based on physical.

Also, the more time your Abomination takes to cast spells, the less time he has to deal slaps.

Also, I don’t know which damage types were scaled how heavily in your case or it can be that some things work reasonably well without further scaling and others rather not.

Try to use a Ribbons of Blood, just as a further test.

Oh, I just remembered that the Abomination still has the Passive Consume, how does it look when you skill it (full)?

In case you’re wondering about classic mages, most are not based on physical damage. :wink:

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In German always another word, the translator makes three times “also” out of it, shaking head.

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