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Shared affixes for filter rules

Filter rules often repeat affixes in predictable ways:

  • 1-2 class mods on helmet/chest
  • Flat damage on crafted melee weapon prefixes
  • Slow/chill/frailty/shred on crafted hit weapon suffixes
  • Resists almost everywhere before blessings
  • Crit avoidance almost everywhere before blessings
  • Hybrid health on gloves/belt/boot
  • Endurance threshold or health wherever possible
  • Attribute on both rings/almost everywhere in some builds

Endgame filters also stack many of the above affixes on multiple items:

  • Class helmet/chest/relic
  • Amulets (Gold, Bone, build specific)
  • Rings (Silver, Gold, Coral, build specific)
  • Gloves (Crusader, Engraved)
  • Belts (Plated, Ranger’s)
  • Boots (Heoborean, Solarum)

(1.) Individual rule duplication is a commonly suggested workaround. Write the affixes once, copy them for every slot, then write in subtypes. Another solution is to (2.) allow more than one type/subtype per rule.
But these approaches don’t work as well with systematic edits:

  • Scenario A: You acquire crit avoidance or resist blessings and convert to health/endurance stacking
    1. Reopen multiple rules unchecking crit/resist and checking hp/endurance over and over
    2. Edit dozens of affixes and subtypes through submenus in a main rule
  • Scenario B: You change damage scaling type or subtypes within the same mastery (Bleed => Detonating Arrow/Multishot, Dual Sword => Sword+Dagger)
    1. Reopen multiple rules unchecking old class affixes/generic damage and checking new ones (attack speed, physical DoT, +%cc, %ccm)
    2. Edit main rule for 1:1 affixes:subtypes; make extra rules for subtypes that don’t fit

Groups of one or more shared affixes can be edited more flexibly:

  • Item subtypes in left column
  • Specific/one-off affixes in center column
  • Groups in right column (resists, crit avoidance, damage types, etc.)
  • Groups automatically bracket ] all applicable subtypes by default
    • Subtypes can also be unchecked/added manually
    • Subtypes auto arrange to minimize duplicate brackets
      • Gloves - Belt - Boots ] {Hybrid health}
  • Edits to a group apply to all bracketed subtypes
  • Uncheck an entire group to temporarily disconnect it from all subtypes
  • Scenario A: Uncheck/delete crit/resist groups, add health/endurance groups
  • Scenario B: Uncheck/delete old subtypes and class/damage groups, add new subtypes and class/damage groups

Shared affixes are compatible with other designs and playstyles:

  • Left-right column design could work with top-bottom rule priority
    • Unique/exalted/set above all the regular subtypes
    • Blank subtype below all the others for shatters
    • Hide all below everything
  • Booleans (discussed by devs) could work within or across affix groups
    • Some items ] {Hybrid health OR Endurance threshold}
    • Some weapons ] {Added melee physical damage NOT Increased physical damage}
  • Current filter “too complicated/annoying”? See everything important at a glance.
  • Auto-bracket “too easy”? Add everything manually.