Shards as a currency

Hey :wave: I have almost 20,000 shards that will never be used I collect them all just for fun to amass as many as I can.
Question is I’ll never use them up or need majority of them for item upgrades I’m collect alot faster then I’m using .

So how about a way to use shards as a currency maybe with a dungeon or maybe npc , create a rating system for the shards to be valued, basic shards rated less, then uncommon / rare shards, so we can turn in for items / uniques or maybe even gamble for lp upgrades making it a way to increase a uniques Lp ! or even fuse some shards together in batches / bundles for higher tier shards.
Lots of creative ways to use them as currency but for me to have almost 20 k shards without a shard shop or place to dump them seems wasteful .
Lmk y’all’s ideas on shards!

This gets brought up a lot. Lots of ideas have floated around about it in the past.

Though I don’t think we currently have any official word, I’m willing to bet @Llama8’s chocolate stash, as often as this comes up, EHG has something up their sleeve to give us some sort of ‘shard’ sink.


Mike has said before they want to introduce a system where you can transform affix shards into different ones at a loss (like 10:1, 50:1, etc. Details weren’t specified.


EHG always wanted to make excess shards somewhat useful.

The first step in that direction was Glyph of Chaos.
After that they still wanted to do a bit more, but it was just never priority, so it might take a bit until something more gets implemented.

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Which has nothing to do with using excess shards & everything to do with attempting to swap a less useful affix for a more useful affix.

Of course it has something to do with it.

It makes shards that you normally wouldn’t use or even want to collect desirable to be able to reroll affixes.

Because a Glyph of Chaos requires you to have at least 1 affix of the affix you want to reroll

It does? Actually didn’t know that. So… if I waste my useless shards I don’t need and only keep the ones I want in my inventory then I’ll solely roll wanted affixes?

No, because you also need 1 shard of the affix you’re rolling from. So if you only have crit shards and want to chaos an int affix into it, you’re out of luck.

No it doesn’t require a shard from the resulting affix, only from the initial affix.


Ok, I guess both me and @Kulze misunderstood your post.
I was under the impression it rolled into any affix, even when you don’t have shards for it, because I remember getting stuck when it rolled into a rare affix I had no shard for.
When I read your post, I somehow read it as only rolling into stuff you had shards for.

Now that I re-read it, it cleared it up.

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It does, all you need is the shard that the affix currently is which then gets consumed & the affix gets turned into a randomly chosen appropriate (for the item) affix regardless of whether you have any of the shards of the new affix or not.

Heavy is stating that this is a good use of one of the thousands of pointless shards that you have, I personally think that that is a very tenuous link to the point where it doesn’t count. Yes, “technically” you’re using 1 whole entire shard of an affix that you may have several thousand of & you’re getting a randomly chosen affix out of it which is hopefully more useful for the item you’re crafting. But you’ll still have many thousands of shards of the original affix.
Big. Whoop.


So I actually didn’t have it wrong, that’s good to know!

Well, yeah… it somewhat interacts with the shards, wouldn’t call it an active step into the direction. More like someone trying to refill a lake with a glass of water being refilled a mile away each time :stuck_out_tongue:

Or a pipette.

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How about turning shards in bundles of 10-100 for unique shards only obtainable through the trade that could allow you to upgrade an item to tier 8 from 7
Or from tier 5 to 6/7 very valuable but if you had enough forge potential + exalted base you could get an exalted item with 4 t7 affixes .
Thoughts ? :thinking:

P.s I don’t think this will cause too much power creep the game is ment to grind for gear and upgrades it’ll just actually give value to shards that gives equal reason to desire them .
And it’ll become a huge shard dump .
Enough to empty your trove of shards instantly…
100 shards for a shard that can upgrade an existing affix to a higher tier at the cost of 1-20 forge potential.

If you get a awesome double t7 exalted base get a t1-3 sealed on it and pray to the rng god’s and hit two more t7 lol be a epic item but also nearly impossible to do .

That is one of the last things that they want. Ain’t never gonna happen (probably).

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Maybe but trading in shards for more shards is the last thing people would want .
It’s lame uncreative way to dump shards for even more shards we don’t need .
And when I say dont need, it’s cause I got enough of every shard even rare ones I just shatter or remove them from quality drops and now I have an abundance.
So is it shards for more shards just consolidates the 20k into 1k shards we have but we’d still end up with way more then we ever will use .

If you’re talking legacy, sure. But for cycles you’ll always be hungry for some affixes.

Ya legacy the rest of the years timeline is confirmed to be going Core least what they say this far , I’m sure cycles will have a little bit of flavor of difference but seems cycles will be more about new leader boards/ markets from what Ive seen .