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Shard Stacking and or Sorting

I can’t seem to locate a current official stance on shard stacking. Is this something that is coming, or coming as a premium stash tab? At the very least, it’d be nice if all similar shards would sort together when you click the sort button. Personally, even if this will be a premium tab feature, I’d think a stack of 10 would be fair, then the premium tab could deep stack further. If it is just coming down the line for all, then I guess it’s a matter of learning which are worth keeping, and which are okay to sell/trade once that’s open.

Use the store crafting materials button at the bottom of your inventory to automatically place them in your crafting forge for easy access, searching and sorting.

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Saw a streamer a few weeks back that didnt know about that button and had 2 FULL stash tabs completely filled and ORGANIZED with shards… So funny when we told him about that button.


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This gives me flashbacks to my time in Grim Dawn/Titan Quest.

Okay, wow, thank you. I saw that button, but noticed the glyphs auto stored, and figured it wasn’t needed.

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