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"Shard gambling" as a way to recycle excess shards

Hello! :slight_smile:

As I’m amassing more and more hours into the game (with great pleasure, by the way! <3), I’m finding myself with hundreds upon hundreds of certain types of shards, even thousands for the most common ones like Added Life. Bit by bit, I changed the items I pick up for shattering, and I’m now at a point where I only pick up the items with “+# to [skill]” and a few other class-specific, rare mods.

I still pick up the shards that drop, but it’s mostly because it feels wrong not to, and because it’s incredibly satisfying to pick up many with one click and send them all to the forge.

I know this is only my experience, but the few friends I have who also play LE have had a similar experience after a while, and I feel like this is a phase that is somewhat “natural” to reach for the player in the current state of the game. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not a game-breaking issue by any means! It just takes away a bit of the worth of shards and Runes of Shattering after a while.

Maybe this is something that is wanted by the developers, but if it is not, I thought of a possible way to address that. If a player ends up having a few thousands excess shards of common mods, like resistances or life, what if they could “gamble” them (I’m using quotation marks because the term “gambling” is already used for items) by destroying them to create a number of other, random shards?

There would be many different ways to do this specifically. The most basic one would be to just count all the sacrificed shards’, weighted to some extent by their rarity, and generate another set of shards whose rarity will depend on the sacrificed shards. Sacrificing more shards, or rarer shards, could change the outcome in different ways, creating more or less reliable ways to create rare shards. There could also be some way to make certain shards “targetable” to some extent, for instance with the received shards to be affected by the timeline shard drop blessing, or perhaps even with another, specific blessing.

Anyway, there are many ways to go from there for the details, but I just wanted to discuss the base idea. What do you think?


I like that idea and have made similar suggestions in the past on similar topics (here the most recent).

I think theres room for mechanics like that and there are many ways to not make it too op. Like target not specific shards, but more group of shards (like categories similar to the lootfilter).

TLDR: +1


I also like the idea and was having similar thoughts recently, good suggestions.

I made this suggestion and got flamed, good luck on your quest lol

You made the suggestion to make shards availible at the gambler. That’s a complete different suggestion.

This is the only answer you got… coincidentally from me:

You call that flaming?

Already making them accessible for sale would be good. Otherwise we will be able to gamble with the money collected.

I don’t understand your answer. Would you like to have shards availible at the gambler?

This suggestion is about using the shards you already have to gamble for new (rarer) ones. It’s meant as a shard sink for the hundreds of generic shards. not a gold sink to be able to “buy” shards. It’s more a shard exchange with random outcome.

Warframe does something similar with their weapons an Frame mods. If you have several of a certain type, you can merge them together to upgrade them. Also you can choose mods that will be converted to a random mod with chances of getting rare mods.

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What I wanted to say is that if you have 1000 fragments of resistance X, for example, you want to keep only 100. It would be nice if you could take the other 900 and sell them to the merchant quite stupidly.

It would already be good. So yes if we could make something better out of it why not, but I’m talking about it for quick use, useful and not difficult to set up for devs.

Give the possibility of selling the surplus. Then with the money well gamble objects to the merchant.

That would just “merge” the pool of gold and shards, making it possible to convert one to the other, which would in turn make shards and gold redundant… In practice, I’m fairly sure most players would just leave shards on the ground and buy them - a concept of which, like the devs, I’m not a fan of.

Hmm, I don’t agree.

If you have too much money in the game it means that you are not playing enough or not trying to obtain your builds, or you are not raising enough characters. I must be at 20 th builds and each I try to optimize them so believe I never have any extra money left. My money goes all to the azard object merchant (LE’s kadala)

So for me there is no such thing as extra money.

I’m like you, but is seems we are a minority.
When you see guys spend 5+ millions to the gambler, you can be sure they had too much gold!

Some people sink all there money where they can, others save it for bad times. People are very different in that regard. In real life and in games.

You can only get rich with the money you don’t spend.


In life, I am quite different, I am not stingy, but clearly I care, but because the value is different.

In the game the money is used only for its. A gamble at the merchant, so I use it keeping it for nothing is not useful, I am not saving for anything else, since there is nothing else.

So you might as well use it. And on the contrary I encourage to use it, you will not keep it for the exit of the game eh ^^.

In addition it is like this that you can optimize your characters.

Personally, I have millions in spare gold because I refuse to stand at the gambler for hours on end, even though I know it’s effectively the most efficient way to obtain specific gear. I just can’t do it…it’s so boring (to me).

Instead, I’ve spent my millions to amass an enormous amount of junk in my glorious stash. :sweat_smile:

It is enough not to wait for several million for nothing ^^

as soon as I exceed 500,000 I will used them. Except 250,000 that I keep if I redo a character for the stuff during the adventure.

I agree with that, be we can find a balance point somewhere in the middle.
I gamble relatively often, but never for long. It’s currently the only gold sink and the result can be worth it.
At the moment I have around 800K gold, it’s almost the max I’ve had since I started playing. I usually go between 300 and 800.

I don’t mean to say that your discussion isn’t worth having, but it’s not the point of this thread. The point of this thread was shard “gambling”, not buying them.

Hey @Vatinas, very glad to hear you and your friends are enjoying the game! We believe that amassing a very high stack of common shards is not 100% ideal either and there are a number of ideas circulating internally on changes that may benefit the crafting system while addressing this. I don’t have anything to share yet because I’d hate to say “this is what we’re doing” and then change course, but just know that we are aware and agree with your sentiment.


Thank you for answering directly! :slight_smile:

Of course I understand that you would not want to say exactly what you are doing, but I am glad to know that you (as a team, I mean) share this view. I can’t wait to see what you will be coming up with.


I am a big fan of recycling and spending excess items/materials for improvements. If I had to go with one way to do it, allow insertion of shards into every single affix add with diminishing returns.

Over-Simplified Example: 1 extra shard adds 1% to success chance, 10 shards add 2% success chance, 100 shards add 4% success chance, 1000 shards add 8% success chance.

This kind of infusion would keep ALL shards always relevant without breaking the crafting. Obviously, values can be adjusted as needed since that was just a simple example.

On top of everything, it would allow people who want to near-guarantee crafting to spend some serious grind farming shards quantity.