Shamans summon storm totem interaction

im not sure if this is a bug or not but if i choose the unmatched storms ability that changes my totems lightning strike into gathering storm lightning strikes i lose the bonus move speed from stormrider (grants movespeed when the stormtotem hits a shocked enemy) does that mean if i choose unmatched storms then i lose the ability to use any nodes that act off of the storm totem hitting enemies?

probably, they havent shown any love for shamans

The skill work for me tho. Do you take Storm Totem’s Blizzards node? If you take that node the effect will change to gain movement speed when storm totem hit chilled enemies, not shocked.

no i use lightning and it doesnt work with shocked enemies. maybe its a bug for shocked

Nope. I just tested with an old fully respec character. Lightning Storm Bolt works with Stormrider. The 40% movement speed bonus is very noticeable.