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Shaman - what about totem?

Hello all,

First of, I am having a blast playing this game so far, tested out shatter strike (lvl 87 atm) which feel OP with ward generation combined with good averall damage.

I really like totem playstyle so I tried to settle a pure totem build.
I spend hours to try different combinaison and nodes and did not succeed to make it good yet.

I tried frost with Thorn totem + Storm totem, Eternal Storm mastery node and build around attunement. Damage feels a bit low.
It seems direct damage is really poor, so i tried to change to poison.

I am now switching to poison totem and buff them with frenzy totem.
And my question is how poison applied by totem scale ? I guess with increased minion and/or totem affixies and attunement.
But is there anything else scaling poison applied by totem ?

Also, other concerns about idols, I got these two set:

  • 4 increased cast speed totem, with reach a total of 60% increased speed
  • 4 totem damage which reach 200% increased damage
    I have no clue on which combinasion is best.

Anyhow, if someone have a totem build to propose, i will be really interested

And last thing, if any devs comes to read this, plz plz fix these FPS drop rate !


Since totems are minions, you’ll need minion poison chance to get them to poison & the increased minion DoT affix (Sorrowfull, from memory). It should also scale with generic % increased minion damage nodes/affixes and the attribute that totems scale with (hover over the skill icon, it’s probably attunement).

Which is better depends how much of each stat (% increased speed & the total of your % increased minion damage affixes/nodes/etc).

Got this one, its not a 100% totem build, but you can easily replace the scorpion or ice thorns with Thorn totem (Fury leap in skill bar isnt needed either)

Gear is far from optimal, and its only level 80, but it can easily clear Monolith

thanks for the link.

I was testing baby scorpions as well. The idea is to have as many things hitting with poison chance, so Thorn totem with speed cast idol + scorpion + baby and frenzy that adds up poison chance and speed.

I have mainly minion damage on my stuff, do not know if switching to minion DOt will change anything

As @Llama8 pointed out “Minion damage” works on all types of minion damage including dots and the physical damage from scorpions and totem, so imo that is the top priority. “Minion dot damage” is secondary (that is unless ALL minion damage is purely dot damage, which in this case it aint)

Also note that baby scorpions wont attack Lagon, so having the storm totem skilled is a good thing for taking him down (not needed tho, it will just take longer without)

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