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Shaman Totem Master 7.10


Build Overview

Pros High Damage High Survivability Due to 100 Health Healed for every Thorn Totem Proc Ice Vortex's everywhere
Cons Can be hard to gear for with rare totem affixes Can be a mana sucker without proper mana efficiency/regeneration


  • Initially posted November 13th 2020. Build is currently viable for 0.7.10(a/b/c)




Tempest Strike
Summon Storm Totem
Summon Thorn Totem
Ice Thorn


Here’s are all the uniques you can use interchangeably.

Tempest Maw
  • Great For Summon Spirits
  • Axe so triples totem adaptive spell damage from passive

Death Rattle
  • Gives 100 health each time thorn totems is proc’d
  • Storm totem crits hit hard as ****

Beast King
  • Gives more minion health
  • You take less damage
  • Minions take less damage

Reach of the Grave
  • Minions spells (ice vortex) deals more damage

Frozen Eyes of Formosus
  • Thorn totems start freezing mobs like crazy, but you have to give up death rattle
  • Thorn totems get up to 100% more cold damage (ice vortex)


The main prefix you want on idols is % chance to summon thorn totem on hit. Suffix doesnt really matter, but the extra % chance to cast avalanche boulders on spell cast means more chance for hits which means more thorn totems so those are nice.


Below is a Tunklab Gearplanner link that has been put together from the gear shown in the build video. This gear is not required to be all T20 or max rolled for the build to work. As your gear gets better your damage will improve :slight_smile:

Shaman Totem Master Gear Planner CLICK HERE

Ascendent Circle doesnt say anything about minions?

Do you use it to push your own spelldamage? I cant see the benefit of it :confused:

It would affect Ice Thorns, Maelstrom & the proc from Tempest Strike.

Yeah…but Totem have the ‘spell’ tag

Totems are confusing so I stay away from them in this game but generally a Totem is supposed to be an extension of you

They have ‘Minion’ and ‘Spell’ tag they don’t even have an elemental tag

on a totally non related thing. Why does Animated Minion even exist in this game…its worthless and has almost zero support at all for it

Totems have the spell tag because they cast spells so you can know that they will be buffed by minion spell damage rather than minion melee damage. And since they have the minion tag they don’t get the benefit of any of your damage.

Not sure what you mean by “animated minion” since that’s not on the Shaman tree.

Would you be willing to go over the skill and mastery trees and update them?