Shaman tornado build - wave 600+

Just adding my guide here which is up on the wiki.

For the wolves spec you take Shaman’s bond. How does that work, because it looks completely terrible.

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it just makes the wolves scale with attunement in addition with other scaling so by the time you’re end game you’ll have 100+ attunement. Early to mid game it is not as Much obviously but you’ll still be having a lot due to attunement being our main stat as shaman.

Tried the build, huge damage!
Key factors:

  • The Invoker’s Static Touch (x2) + Shaman passives node that adds +2 lightning damage per point.
  • Isadora’s Gravechill + Shaman passives node, that adds +2 cold damage per point.
  • Entangling Roots node: Mystic Roots 8/8 (it reads 200% increased spell damage, but actually triples the whole damage, regardless of other increased damage bonuses!)
  • Entangling Roots nodes: Roots of Lapp and Overgrown Path - enemies take combined damage from 2-3 overlapping patches.
  • Increased Spell Damage affixes on weapon/amulet/relic.

The way damage is multiplied looks pretty bah-roken.

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