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Shaman Eye of the Storm Build

Sup guys, I got Last Epoch earlier this week after seeing my friend play it and I’ve been having a blast trying to theory craft and come up with cool builds. My first character was a Rive Void Knight, which apparently is a pretty popular build that I semi-followed a guide for. Then I found the weapons Stormbreaker and Tempest Maw which made me want to actually create my own unique build from the ground up on a Shaman.

I build Maelstrom, Tornado, and Ice Thorns as instant casts and autocast them on cooldown. With Storm Totem and 2 Tempest Maws which creates 8 Storm Sprites, it melts most mobs. Of course you Tempest Strike if you can get close to them without them melting and on bosses for even more insane DPS. I call the build Eye of the Storm! :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: It’s not a guide or anything, I haven’t beat the game yet or tried arenas. It’s just a fun build that I made and wanted to share in case any of you guys want to try it.

Clearing an Echo: Twitch

Skills: Twitch

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