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Shaman and Spriggan gameplay is pretty fun!

I’ve been testing Shaman with Entangling Root’s Imbued Sap buff on Spriggan and it’s a neat combo. I sit on the back, run in circles and try to buff Spriggan with ER. It’s different gameplay than casting Tornado myself or relying on melee pets.

I still feel Spriggan’s base damage is too low and perhaps Floral Ascendance is bugged. I have full ranked Shamanic Infusion and 75% Minion Pet and each Orb still only does 25ish damage. Lightning Struck is what makes the biggest damage difference for Spriggan atm.

I really hope we can have several Spriggans in the future. Shaman needs more passives to buff Spell pets. All Shaman specific passives don’t really buff pets (except for one elemental resistance).

Maybe a high tier Shaman passive that buffs Pet’s Spell casting while reducing my own Spell damage? That way I can decide if I want to go for a full Ranged pet build?


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