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Shadows still confuse me a bit

I haven’t played a ton of Shadowdancers, and whenever I go to make a build, I still get really confused when I read the text on some of the Skill nodes. Like, here is one node in Synchronized Strike which confuses me.

My confusion is this.

  • Shadow Rush heals you when you create shadows within 4 sec of using Synch Strike.
  • Synch Strike itself creates shadows when you use it.
  • Does that mean Shadow Rush will proc on those shadows (plus any shadows I create within the next 4 seconds)? Or does it only proc on shadows I create after Synch Strike completes, but not its shadows?

I have the same question about Foreshadowing.
Text: “Shadows created within 4 sec of Synch Strike deal extra damage”.
Does that damage bonus apply to the shadows Synch Strike creates?

I definitely find that the shadows created by the skill count for the “within 4 seconds” bit. I’ve been using sync strike for the utility of “press button to make shadows and heal” quite reliably.

I think the explanation would be something like this:

Press button >> (A) skill is used >> (B) effects of (A) occur >> further effects triggered by (B) occur (and so on).

So, the skill use is separate from the effects of the skill, and the effects only occur after the skill use occurs. Also, a bit of speculation: it seems to me the creation of shadows is an independent mechanic or system that skills can hook onto, so I suspect anything using the shadow system would complete its “used” condition before the shadow system “activates.”

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The heal is pretty easy to test with an Exsanguinous. My hp went up from 65 to 465 with 5 points in Shadow Rush due to the 2 shadows being created & healing me on creation. I’d assume the damage buff from Foreshadowing also works on the shadows created by Synch Strike.

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