Shadows and dancing strikes' graceful arena

Do skills cast by my shadows benefit from the damage bonus inside graceful arena? and if so is it dependent on my shadows being inside the arena or me? Im trying to make a build utilizing gladiators oath and hoping my shadow cascades used by my shadows will benefit from the damage and guaranteed crit strike. but i dont have one in game yet to test it myself haha

wondering the same thing for smoke blades on smoke bomb also. It says both allies and I gain smoke blades stacks, but do my shadows benefit from MY smoke blades, or do they build they’re own smoke blades, or are they completely unaffected?

From my testing is does seem like they benefit but with my current gear and without the guaranteed crit from gladiators oath its a little more difficult to test.

They should do since they take your damage stats at the time of casting (plus any of the shadow skills do more damage modifiers).

It’ll be you since your shadows aren’t minions.

They take your stats.

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amazing thank you so much! should be able to work something out for my build then haha