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Shadow daggers possible bug + sync strike/shift interaction mana issue

Hi. While testing shadow dagger effect and general damage output I noticed 2 issues that could be bugged.

In 1st part of video you can see that after I use sync strike and shift the mana is spent but no shadow clones are created. If this is part of “skill/animation canceling” then it would be great so mana is not spent or clones are created faster as game registers that I used skills. It hinders gameplay very much as this combo is very mana hungry.

In 2nd part of video near training dummy you can see shadow dagger damage (via smoke bomb) we get guaranteed crit on 4th tick. Shift creates 2 clones that each can apply 1 stack of shadow dagger. So when fighting big enemy such as ice golem and shifting 2 times near (in) it I should proc and crit 100% assuming enemy has no dodge etc.

But it happens very often that I use sync strike 4 clones + shift 2 clones and enemy is only slightly damaged, while in same map another same enemy dies instantly. First I thought it was some mod issue but at training dummy you can see that sometimes shadow dagger does not proc at all. You can tell by no yellow crit number.

Don`t know how to add video so uploaded on reddit.
thread link:

I believe there is a small website called “Youtube”, I doubt it will catch on.

Same issue here, im at 250corruption now it starts to be game breaking cuz u make zero dmg from time to time …

This is a known issue with Shadow Daggers not automatically criting after consuming daggers with Shadow Cascade.

Thanks for the report.