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Shadow Dagger Speed Running Bladedancer 0.8d


Build Overview

Pros - Huge Damage. - Fast Boss Kills, Even 1 shot abomination. - Clear Echoes extremely quickly - Good AOE and Single Target
Cons - Dodging is your new best friend and death will strike often.

Build Gear/Blessings/Idols Link

Below is a link to Dammitt’s new website for builds. This Website is extremely easy to use and now lets you guys actively see my gear, the exact tiers and rolls, blessings and there rolls, and idols all in one spot. You can also edit any of it to make it better. Enjoy and make sure to give dammit a well deserved “Nice work” Pat on the back.

Shadow Dagger BD Gear/Blessings/Idols In One Fancy Place


  • Initially posted January 24th 2021. Viable for 0.8d




Smoke Bomb
Shadow Cascade
Synchronized Strike

Shout Out To Other Variations Of This Builds

Below is a link to @McFluffin shadow dagger variations capable of 400k+ Crits! Check it out.


Damn, and here I thought I was playing an off-meta build that was safe from nerfs. In come the nerf hammers. xD

Just kidding, sync strike + cascade will probably be nerfed anyway. Thanks for the insights and guide. :heart:

Have you tried the dual Forgotten Knight sword + amulet setup that Llama mentioned and if so, have any thoughts?

Its viable but didnt do as much damage. Also using dual.sword you lose out on over 150% crit multi which is a big hit. You dont have any void damage increases so all the spell void and melee void which is nice and does well doesmt really benefit. Rune dagger is better for damage as it scales physical melee and added physical spell

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Wow what a single target damage! Is it even legal? :smiley: And what a great build planner website. Haven’t seen it . Is it new?

It’d be a more defensive option since you get glancing blow at the cost of damage (which is usually not an issue).

Yes. Dammitt just released it about a week ago

Looks fun, but I have no idea where ya get the shadow effect shard from. Never seen a single one of them so I am not sure If I can build this.

It’s a rare class specific affix that can drop as a suffix on Rogue helmet and body armour in an area level of 58+.

Source: Tunklabs

Do they drop on other coloured helmets/body armour or is it just red ones (like red stripes make vehicles go fasta!)?

I keep catching and not catching myself using Rouge instead of Rogue. It’s rather embarrassing at this point. :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the info a farming I will go :slight_smile:

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I bet you’re pretty red faced about it.


I do like the pros, but thats one helluva Con there Boardman :stuck_out_tongue:
I knew there was a good reason to be a stash hoarder in every game Ive ever played, think I threw prob 6-7 shadow dagger based idols or affixes to collect dust this week, no idea what they were for lol…SCORES!

One thing that both you and @McFluffin may have overlooked is the one point to turn Shadow Cascade into a channeling ability. This lets you use Shadow Cascade on the fly without getting stuck in place on account of losing your attack speed. You don’t actually end up using much mana, because you can simply click for a moment to fire off a round just as if it were the skill in its original form. It’s nice for when you want to clear something out just a little more.

Of course it doesn’t matter if you never cast SC yourself, but then I suspect the reason you weren’t casting it yourself is because of how clunky it was. With that point it’s no longer clunky.

You are damn near necroing this. The build needs to be tweaked as the mana costs are increased and mana return is nerfed. It does not work as portrayed in the video anymore.

This video will be updated soon, For some reason everytime I put out 1 video the list of two do’s gets longer.


Can’t wait. I really like this build.

You are damn near necroing this

Heh well I’m new to the game, and there really isn’t much activity here in these forums, so idk, it wasn’t that far down the list, and it was similar to the build I made starting out.

So this build doesn’t work actually ?

It does, it only received a few small nerfs to damage in 0.8.1, but that’s not really a problem. Though mana might be.