Shadow Dagger Damage not critting

I’m using Shadow Elegance in Shadow cascade to make Shadow daggers which according to the tooltip should deal bonus physical damage after 4 stacks which always crits. Based on some boss testing, this barely crits at my normal crit rate let alone “always” critting.

It’s always critted for me, but it may not have much base damage.

I mean the numbers are white. crits are yellow. It could be a visual bug where the damage isn’t showing as a crit?

Could be. You sure you aren’t confusing it with some other damage that is happening at the same time? No matter how many times I inflict only Shadow Daggers and no other damage using Smoke Bomb it always displays in yellow as a crit.

I mean, during the instances of damage where the 4th dagger applies, and I see multiple damage numbers neither of them is yellow or significantly larger than one might expect.

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