Shadow Cascade/Hurricane of Blades lock out

It seems there is a very brief moment when ending hurricane of blades where abilities just dont work right.

If I channel hurricane, stop, and immediately go to channel again, my character will just kinda spin. Throwing out no daggers, spending 0 mana. Relevant because shadows spawned during hurricane wont do anything until I activate a new attack so sometimes I want to stop spinning very briefly and start again to have my shadows actually do stuff.

Similar issue with Synchronized strike. Sometimes I want to stop channelling and spawn more shadows and I want to do things as fast as possible. But if I do so too soon after stopping huricane my character agonizingly slowly does the attack in place spawning no shadows. I then cannot move and need to throw out another ability to get out of it.

Both are easily repeatable and happen all the time by accident. I understand other skills have similar issues.

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