(Shadow Cascade) Careful assault - not working as intented, and probably bugged

When i take 4/4 Careful assault in Shadow Cascade tree, i’m supposed to deal 100% more damage with shadow cascade, if i have exactly 4 number of shadows. Let’s take 2 scenarios:

a) i use synchronised strike twice, with Dark allies and wave of darkness nodes taken. So i create 4 shadows, and on second cast, first 4 shadows proc shadow cascade with 100% more damage dealt.

b) i use synchronised strike with those nodes, then i use shift lasting presence and dancing shadows. At this moment, 5th shadow is created (cause bladedancer gives +1 to maximum shadows, and Shadow Master on passive tree also gives +1 to maximum shadows). And then shift automatically procs Shadow Cascade with 5 shadows, so 100% more damage from Careful Assault shouldn’t work.

I tried to play around that, so i just didn’t take any points into Shadow Master. So my maximum number of shadows is 4, so i basically always deal 100% more damage, and that should work.

But currently, any skill that procs Shadow Cascade, remembers (snapshots) the number of shadows that i had when i DIRECTLY casted Shadow Cascade. So lets say i have 4 shadows, i selfcast shadow cascade. Then i proc shadow cascade from Shift with only 2 shadows active. And Shadow Cascade still deals 100% more damage.

It is like that both in offline and online, and i think it always worked like that and for some reason no one even noticed or cared.

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I was actually about to add my own bug report but found this post. I had already made a recording, maybe it will help explain the issue:

oh my god this explains so much lol.

EDIT: I just tested it in game today and confirm that Careful Assault snapshots the # shadows when you self-cast it, and uses that for any triggered SCs (so that triggered SCs get the damage bonus regardless of how many shadows are active)

So it still is in the game? And i reported this bug like a year ago?