SHADOW CASCADE - a question

Hello guys.

Just wanted to ask you - when you have Careful Assault point in Shadow Cascade tree, if you have buffed the skill, the buff remains for the SC if it’s used by other skills - for example Shift or Lethal Mirage.

Is this intended or is it a bug?

Thank you in advance.

I’m not quite sure what this means.

I would expect that node to apply it’s buff to Shadow Cascade whenever it’s cast directly or not (ie, proc’d by other skills) when the criteria are met. So if you have only 1 point in Careful Assault then whenever Shadow Cascade gets used when there’s only 1 Shadow around Shadow Cascade should do 25% more damage. If the node were applying a damage buff when the criteria weren’t met that would be a bug, but the node doesn’t specify a direct cast.

When you use SC with the node it got buffed for damage. This damage remains and if used by other means it doesn’t go off. Basically if you use it with Shift or Lethal Mirage the skill is dealing this bonus damage every time dispite if there are shadows present or not

You say that it is enough to use a skill with 4 shadows once, to get the maximum buff, and then trigger this skill with other skills with a constant maximum buff, regardless of the number of shadows used?

Yes, that is how it works currently and has for quite some time. Basically if you sync strike and cast shadow cascade manually once at the beginning of a mono you keep the damage buff the whole time. Binashole already talked about it in his build guide (~5:30):

Also Terek and Trikster talk about it in their list of rogue bugs (~33:25):


So it is not a Bug, but a feature :slight_smile:

No, it’s definitely a bug.