Severe desync

First of all let me thank the devellopers for this beautiful game, although i haven’t been able to play it due to some insane desync due probobly to the stat of servers.
i saw some of the suggestions in the forum and they all great like :

  • Letting us chose manually the server we with latency indication
  • Letting us migrate our characters from online to offline so we can level them or at least past the lagon fight XD
    I hope these issues gets fixed as so as possible so we can get back to the action.

Can you please describe what exactly is happening? I think I may be having some similar issues.

i think you are having similar problems to mine, i live in south Brazil, should be paying in SA Server to get a good latency, but game only send me to US central 100% of the trys i do. So i keep having bizarre desyncs.

Well, i’m playing a crit hammer throw (in nova) with something like 120% increased attack speed and when i’m spamming the skill the game just freezes and i can’t move my character anymore and 30 seconds later i’m dead so yeah it’s pretty annoying.

meanwhile, playing my overloaded totem character in offline is just fine no lag or desync whatsoever.

Anyway i hope this will get fixed soon.

Deleted my hammer throw character in online mod

Started a new charachter (druid) in online SSF and belive it or not the desync is worst than before.

Sorry EHG but the game is unplayable for me and playing offline is meh… so my jorney ends here with this game thank you for the support…