Several Questions About Game Mechanics

I tried asking the Global chat:

I think they meant something else, hmmmmm I wonder… But yeah, does having more than 100% penetration makes it more effective past 100%? Also what about for DoT penetration? Since if I recall, enemies don’t have DoT resistances? Because in this case, I’m trying out dual-wield Aurelis that procs Smite via Multistrike skill which leads to more questions.

But first, here’s the build I’m trying to work with: Paladin, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.9.1c) - Last Epoch Build Planner. This build is by all means incomplete, obviously not optimized, or trash if you may call it, but that’s fine by me, pretty understandable since despite I play this game a lot, there are still also a lot of mechanics I don’t fully understand. So…the concept of what I’m trying to make is mainly focused on DoT–Electrify via hitting enemies with Multistrike that procs Smite. I’m having fun with this build and hopefully I can make it work. Anyways, here are my shitty and noob questions to ruin your day, eyes and brain:

  1. Since I’m using 2 Aurelis, I already have 126% Lightning Penetration with Electrify from the two weapons alone. So does investing points on Smite’s Charged Hand node going to be worth it? (It’s 75% penetration and duration at Lv5)
  2. I have Order of Lagon in Smite’s tree that converts ignite into electrify from ALL sources. But what if I use Maehlin’s Hubris assuming I have “chance to bleed” from any source. Will the converted Bleed→Ignite is also going to be converted by “Order of Lagon” (ignite→electrify)?
  3. I also have Javelin specialized that procs Smite via “Righteous Descend”. If I put a point in Purifying Lightning, will it add the electrify chance to the Smite procs?
  4. Same with Javelin’s Spear to the Thigh, will it add the DoT to the Smite procs? Actually, and many more like “Holy Spears: +8 ligthning damage”, “Serrated Javelin: Armor shred chance & duration”, etc…
  5. This is more of a general question, for skill that converts X into Y properties like Order of Lagon, if I used a different skill with ignite, is it also converted into electrify? Judgement skill for example with Sacred Sword node. So:
  6. For Javelin’s Divine Throws, since it converts bleed into electrify chance, will it also convert Multistrike’s Decimate node into electrify?
  7. Does having Order of Lagon and Divine Throws going to convert my ignite/bleed into electrify twice?

Having no proper and better stat window makes it even more difficult for me since it’s quite hard to gauge the numbers in game… I will probably update the post if I come up with another question. Brain is too fried now… And of course, suggestions to make this better are always welcome, or things like “Why-are-you-making-this-shitty-not-end-game-viable-build?” comments are also welcome.

And thank you for reading.

Hi there,
Ennemies do not have resist or armor or endurance, unless you give them some via monos affixes.
So any % of pen is like a % more dmg.

  1. Most likely yes because duration is another more multiplier for dot dmg (let’s say electrify is 40dmg/sec for 3 sec, 100%increased duration mean 40dmg/sec for 6 sec)

  2. Things can only get converted once. You may want to try but pretty sure it won’t work. Your bleed should be ignite and your ignite before bleed conversion should be electrify. I might be wrong.

  3. And 4. If Smite was a normal subskill of Javelin then yes. But here Smite will use its own skill tree and stats, and will not inherit anything from Javelin.

  4. And 6. And 7 No, modifiers in a skill tree only applies for that skill and subskills.

This is how I think things work in LE, I might be wrong.

Looking at your smite skill tree I have noticed that you are not taking the massive 250% more dmg. Since its “smite deals more dmg” and not “smite deals more HIT dmg” or “smite HITS deals more dmg” it will applies to your electrify. I feel this is something I would like.

Edit: Looking a bit deeper, I see you have 10/10 in Phoenix Strikes (for some MELEE ignite chance). Those will not get converted for Smite. And I just realised you are not running Volatile Reversal. I know some people don’t like it but for DoT builds it gives 180%more dmg.


Hi thank you for the feedback. So for #1, aside from technically more DPS since the electrify lasts longer. I was just wondering if there’s a max %penetration. But I noticed that electrify kinda decays too fast on the target even it’s still only around 20 stacks, so I took it in the end.

And wow, all this time I really thought Sacrifice is HIT damage but it actually isn’t. I’m going to make some adjustments. I learned something new today. And how can I forget Volatile reversal for DoT builds :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you for reminding me.

That’s what I would start with

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Thank you, I pretty much made the same adjustments as yours, but your build planner looks way better. :+1:

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You aren’t.

No, but there is diminishing returns. Going from 0% to 100% is a 100% more modifier (doubles your damage), going from 100% to 200% is a 50% more modifier, so it depends what you’re giving up to get the additional penetration.

Are penetration and increase Dmg taken from VR in the same “bucket”? Are they multiplicative or additive together?

No, they modify different stats so they’re multiplicative. Penetration & shred are additive with each other.