Several nodes for Ring of Shields are bugged

I’d like to report some bugs regarding nodes for Ring of Shields

  • Rush wall:

    • Ring of Shields does not increase hit area size of Shield Rush at all.
    • Visually, the shields often don’t face the correct direction when they form a wall.
  • On the Path:
    Shields do not spin faster if you cast Ring of Shields while channeling Warpath.

  • Healing Shields:

    • It does not heal every 3 seconds. The actual time between each healing pulse is longer if you have Enduring Defence node.
    • You do not receive any heal if you have 3 or more skill points in Phalanx node.
  • Wall of Shields (node for Shield Bash):
    Ring of Shields does not increase the width of Shield Bash at all.

Hey there…

Rush Wall

  • Hit size area… how are you testing this one? Reason I ask is twofold - to try and replicate what you are doing and because sometimes LE is not showing anything/correctly that indicates area increases on various skill nodes and this makes it hard to confirm its working or not… sometimes its just the visual thats messed up but the skill is actually working.
  • Visually shield direction messed up - known issue

On the path:

  • Not sure on this one. To me it looks like the shields are rotating faster but I have not specifically tested this in any objective way…

Healing Shields

  • The healing node issue is a known problem.

Wall of Shields (Shield Bash

  • How are you testing this specifically? (same reason as above)
  • Rush Wall
    First, I try to run pass by the training dummy with Shield Rush without Ring of Shields to test its original width.

    Then, I cast Ring of Shields and repeat the test again. There is no noticeable difference. The shield wall does not damage the dummy even though visually the shield wall clearly make contact with the dummy.
  • On the Path:
    If you cast Ring of Shields first, then start channeling Warpath, the shields clearly spin faster.
    But if you channel Warpath first, and then cast Ring of Shields while channeling Warpath, the spin speed is clearly not increased.
  • Wall of Shields (node for Shield Bash):
    Same testing method as Rush Wall. Test Shield Bash’s width without Ring of Shields, then repeat with Ring of Shields

Ok… I’ll give those area ones a test myself and see what i can make of it…

The on the path one… might have something to do with snapshoting when you initiate the Warpath channel… Just a guess…

I think it’s because Ring of Shields does not check current state of the character when cast. Things like that happen a lot in programming. :sweat_smile:


Rush Wall - definitely behaving odd… besides the bizzaro shield visual not lining up with the direct and the shields not angling correctly when you perform shield run, the area doesnt seem to be working properly… I tested as you did above, but I also ran through a few monos with as many shields as I could just to make it as wide as possible and then watched how many mobs (did big pulls) the shields simply ghosted through without doing damage (at least I was not seeing damage ticks to mobs) - to me, it definitely looks like Rush Wall is not working as per the skill node description - HOWEVER… Shield rush has the special feature that mentions it affects things wider at the end of the movement… So my guess would be that this specific mechanic could probably be messing with things re RoS…

Shield Bash with Wall of Shields… This one seems to be working for me… If I stand next to the dummy and aim at a particular spot on the ground next to it, without RoS active, shield bash doesnt hit… if I remain in the exact same spot and aim for the exact same pixel with RoS active, then Shield Bash does hit… It should be noted, its a VERY small increase in width with 5 shields (7max), but it does seem to be working as advertised… IMHO, its such a small increase in width that I dont see how anyone could justify using that node tho…

Thanks for doing the experiments.

You mean the final hit of Shield Rush? I’m not sure if Rush Wall has any effect on that. Either the effect is not noticeable or Rush Wall has no effect on the final hit at all.

I guess the increment is barely noticeable because I honestly can’t feel the difference during actual fight. I doubt if it is meant to be like that. I expect the width to match its visual width.

Shield Rush… Just speculating that the problem could be related to how RoS is supposed to increase its effective width, but Shield Rush itself seems to increase width on its own at the end of the channelling so maybe the two are conflicting with each other in some way… Obviously the devs will have to look at this more closely…

Shield bash increment… yes… I had never tried a build with Shield Bash so I never really used the skill but from this observation I honestly have no idea what the point of the node would be with such a small increase in area…

Matching visual width… yes, there does seem to be a common issue with LE skills and the “area of effect” either visually like this Shield Bash/RoS issue & things like Poison pools where the effect still works but the animation disappears prematurely… I’d prefer it if skills had more visual feedback like the circle that Bastion Of Honour (shield) has when you equip it - probably get messy visually but right now its very hard to see where some skills effective areas are…

I’m just trying to find some interesting builds for Forge Guard. Hopefully, Ring of Shields will be fixed soon.

And yeah, some buff icons and visual hints are missing. They would greatly improve gameplay experience. But this game is not complete yet, so I don’t really blame devs if something is missing.


Even with the bugs, RoS is a very good addition - used to be a standard Sentinel skill slot until they moved it farther into the Forge Guard tree… everyone used to have Paladins with RoS, Holy Aura & Sigils… so tanky they had to do something…

Ring of Shields itself is a nice skill indeed. Although I think many of its nodes, such as Immolation node, still have rooms for improvement. But that’s another story.

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