Several Majasa related bugs (0.8.14D)

First off, the items from the previous room show up in this one:

Secondly, Majasa’s second form’s health bar was small at the top of the screen. Normally boss health bars are massive and take up a much larger space (like the first form did) near the top of the screen. This one looked like it shrunk between phases:

Thirdly, during the second phase, Majasa has an attack where she throws out several balls of blood (not the AoE explosion attack). At the end of the animation, she stays frozen for nearly 2 seconds before doing anything else. I’ve fought this boss (and embarrassingly died several dozen times on my first playthrough) a lot and that animation has never been so jarring in the past.

Lastly, it feels really weird that in this version (0.8.14D) of the game, Majasa doesn’t say anything at all during the fight. Perhaps it’s a bug, or perhaps it was feedback from before that she talked too much. Either way, it feels weird that she doesn’t say anything during any of her attacks in either form.

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