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Set the world on fire |Fire Sorc|

Hello and welcome to my guide for the Sorcerer, in this guide I will be showcasing how the build works and the different skills used.

What the build is all about

The build is based on using AoE skills which have a great deal of damage and a big enough area of effect which will improve clear speed and then it utilises one skill for huge single target damage.


  • Fast clear speed (Especially helpful for those Temple boss runs!)
  • Great damage
  • Amazing amount of Ward generation which boosts our defense
  • Requires certain Uniques
  • Is purely fire based
  • Items can be a bit annoying to craft


18/04/2018 - Adjusted Skill specialisation trees


[b]Main skills[b]

Our primary AoE clearing skill is the Fire Shield, we use this for a few reasons;

  • Good AoE coverage (It is a little bit small but for the current state of the game it's more than usable)
  • Great amount of damage especially enough to clear trash consistently
  • Can ignite
Our secondary AoE clearing skill is the Elemental Nova, this again is used for a number of reasons;
  • Good AoE coverage but requires speccing into the correct nodes to do so
  • Has a great deal of ways to improve it's damage
  • Can ignite and has enough damage to clean off Elites

Ice Ward is our 3rd skill we use, this skill provides us with an extra layer of defence via chill and also provides us with some partial Ward generation

  • Provides 2 methods of boosting our defensive layers
  • Costs next to nothing to maintain
  • Specialisation allows it to become even stronger in defensive boosts.

Last but not least is our big single target damage, Meteor. This skill has become my favourite skill as of yet due to the new nodes introduced recently.

  • Metric tons of damage
  • Doesn't require Mana to use but will lose a lot of it's damage scaling
  • Great VFX for it

Required Uniques


These two uniques are the staple point for the build;

  • Fire damage increase from both items
  • More than enough Ignite chance for our skills

I chose to use these simply because there isn’t any other uniques out there which provide a good benefit in these slots for this build. The downside to using the Calamity is the fire damage per second but that’s easily off-put by our ward generation and thus is nullified.

Gear to craft/look out for

Now since we don’t want to stock up purely on Uniques as that wouldn’t do much good for our build you need to keep an eye out on certain bases & item rolls to use.


  • Fire Damage
  • Spell Damage
  • Chance to Ignite on hit


  • Fire Damage
  • Spell Damage
  • Movement speed


  • Damage over Time
  • Elemental Protection


  • Movement speed
  • Elemental Protection


  • Spell Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Movement Speed
  • Elemental Protection

Bases to look out for;

  • Ruby Wand
  • Ruby Ring
  • Jade Amulet

These bases supplement the build fully, with the Ruby bases providing Fire damage increases and the Jade providing Attack & Cast speed.

Skill trees

Fire Shield

Elemental Nova

Ice Ward


Passive Grid


Really basic playstyle;

  • Activate Ice Ward & Fire Shield
  • Run through mobs
  • Spam Elemental Nova when needed
  • Use Meteor spam for single target (Ideally first one has to hit to deal huge damage) < Shows the gameplay
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This is awesome. :smiley: Great stuff, Sheng!

good stuff good stuff

This is pretty much what I’ve been trying to make. Haven’t had a lot of time to really play test due to real life stuff, but I have been using fire shield as my “main” build enabler so I will definitely use this as reference to speed things up. I didn’t look at ice ward and I also haven’t looked into what uniques there are in the game so you have opened my eyes, otherwise I was thinking of using meteor so looking at this it seems I was headed in the right path :slight_smile: Good stuff.


Good job, and this really looks like a POE build guide :smiley:

Builds severely outdated now, when Alpha drops I’ll take another look at it but until then not much point changing anything within the build.

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We are in the process of removing the boards for the mastery classes.

I’ve moved this thread from Sorcerer to Mage as a courtesy.