Set Items Need Legendary Potential

I’m not really sure why Set items cannot get upgrades?
This puts them below Unique items, even though their set effects are usually not that impressive tbh…

I understand there needs to be a difference between set and unique, but that can be the limit of LP on the item…

Unique items can have up to 4, set should have up to 2?

Sets items having no LP makes it lame and very uninteresting to invest into builds that require sets or use sets as a core item

Well, that’s item design in LE for you:

Most of the uniques are not good enough either extremely niche or have big penalties that will detract you for using them, some of the can be “fixed” with enough legendary potential and normal affixes, other just not.

And set items even with good rolls are never good enough over a good base with some of your desired affixes, there are some interesting effects you could work very hard to make then work, but why bother.

They are so afraid that set and uniques get an undisputed BiS over everything else, they went all the way to make them a worse option than plain rares.

I kinda agree with this. I don’t think there are any godly builds out there utilizing any set item even just using 1 piece alone.

It doesn’t have to be improved via being able to put affixes to it like unique items does with legendary potential but maybe something different/unique for set items to improve and make them usable. Hopefully EHG have something stored for set items in the future.

The devs have said that they intend to make sets more interesting/useful without just adding LP to them.

I guess they could do this by making set bonuses much stronger?

The level of power a 4 LP endgame unique has vs a set is ridiculous…
HOWEVER… there are some set items that have very cool mods on them that don’t exist on other mods

For example the totem 1h set item, grants base crit per int to totems
This is a build enabling crit item

However… this drastically limits any build that would ever be built around that set

Uniques are FAR better than rares… especially with LP

Uniques are literally… the BIS end game currently

Any Rare you can craft will be beaten by a Unique with 4LP

Even a 4 mod exalted item is worse than a 4lp Unique

It seems you don’t really know LE item system tbh

Uniques you can realistically expect to find with 4LP are most not going to be BIS for any build.
Personally, before 0.9 I found two 4LP uniques.
Those were the BEE gloves and Harthenon’s Vow both of which are outperformed by a decent exalted, even with 4LP.

But if they had 4lp then its basically free mods. A unique with 4lp, by definition, can’t be bettered by an exalted since you could use the exalted on the unique and have both sets of stats.

But yes, the nice uniques you want aren’t likely to have much lp.

Well, exalted items have useful implicits, as well as potentially sealed affixes.

True, but apart from the sealed affixes (which is a possibility rather than a guarantee), so can uniques along with potentially useful other affixes.

I’m curious which version of LE you’re playing, that is just tossing out 4LP uniques so frequently. More often than not, you get a 2LP item, then MAYBE get lucky with your dungeon craft and get a useful stat transferred. Most of the time, however, your craft is bricked and you’re out your unique and exalted mods, and have to start all over again. Yes, 4LP uniques, by default, are better than t20+ rares or exalteds… but then again, that all depends on how important the base item is.

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In the specific examples I gave the implicit alone made the item not worth using.
Would you rather use your fancy axe, with 50 flat with perfect rolls (+str and niche companion stuff), or a radiant axe which has 120 flat + fire pen?

Besides, we are talking about 4LP items within the context of BIS gear, I feel that sealed affixes should be included in the comparison.

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Here’s an example

I have a pair of gloves - Frostbite Shackles
I am playing a frostbite ailment build
That item with LP is better than any 4 exalt mod gloves you will ever create ( 5 affix sealed )

This is how it is for MOST builds…
Most builds that are actually doing end game… are centered around using mostly unique items and trying to get those items with LP

Uniques are BIS period… That is the true end game item is to find a 4 LP Unique item that you need, and then to find a multi exalted rare to put into that Unique item

That is the ultimate end game item BIS…

Either way… my point is that SET items are way too weak in comparison and I didn’t know that the Developers already admitted that they know this and they wanna improve SET items

So this post is just further support for something the Devs already are working on

In some 500 hours I dropped 3 4LP items, all of them being trash low level items I don’t want to spend an exalted with.

By your own unrealistic standards, an exalted with a good T5 sealed affix from the gambler and a good base already beats most uniques.

Also, know most half-decent uniques have a level 70 for LP value at the very least, most boots and semi-decent items that could see some value with some LP. To get 1 LP in those items the chances must be in the realm of 5-10%, to get every extra LP you must roll the dice again and only when you successfully got LP in the previous, with the same low chances.

Good luck with your set of 4LP gear.

Don’t need luck I’m farming empowered monos and Im dropping LP gear

Either way don’t try to move the goal posts

There’s a clear difference between talking about what is best, and what is easy to get

None said its easy to get 4lp Uniques

All I said…clearly written… is that uniques are BIS

You know im right, so instead of admitting that im right you try to move the goal posts and try to say that you haven’t found any and that its super rare and all this other spam

"Uniques are literally… the BIS end game currently

Any Rare you can craft will be beaten by a Unique with 4LP"

I’ma just ignore any further spam from you

Yes, please, lets finish this up. I couldn’t care less. You are starting the game, have fun, is all that matters at the end.

This is not how most builds are doing endgame.

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This just isn’t true. Try to plan an optimal character with a unique in every slot. The only class that can even really think about it is Void Knight. As others have said, in some slots, the implicits on a rare is better than every other stat on the uniques in the slot, depending on class/build.

Theoretically, if all implicits were available on uniques, then maybe. All implicits on items are not available on a unique though. Most notably helmet and armor slots that are class specific.

The opposite problem is true for some slots though. Belt implicits are so lacking that it is always better to have a 3 or 4LP belt. Boots are close to the same but not quite as bad.

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