Set Items drop chance

Hi all,

just wanted to ask: how do you experience Set Item drops?

I am around 18 hours effective playing-time in the game and so far have just found ONE SetItem - Isadora’s Gravechill… Gloves, that don’t even fit my Warpath-Paladin…

How do Set Item drops work for you? Are they also extremly rare - or ist this a problem specific to me? Or am i, maybe, just not far enough in-game?

Thanks for your replies!

There are just 6 different Set Items, from 4 Different Sets that could potentially drop for your Character.

Set Items have a similar drop rate as Uniques, so they are quite rare, especially for that early in the game, as you are.

The Pool of potential Set Items that can drop will expand as you gain more levels.
There are some generic sets and some sets that basically aim for 1 Class(maybe2 in some cases)

I can recommend this Database

When you look for a specific unique or set you can also see the rarity tier at the bottom and if you can target farm it.

You can also gamble for set and unique items. Just check the base item in the database and then buy them at the gambler. For common rarity you should be able to get it with 20-30 trys depending on your luck.

18hrs… isn’t very much in my books.

Also, my own experience is that uniques and sets seem to drop more frequently in monolith. Have you reached endgame yet?

Thanks @all for your answers so far!##No, i haven’t reached endgame yet (at leeast i think so). I am Level 49 now, active quest is "journey to the necropolis / sewers). Tried a mage in between, though, so that may explain the “time in game vs. actual level”-thing.
How far would “endgame” be, actually?

As for @Heavys answer: I found only one set-item so far, but around 15 uniques, so i was (am) wondering.

Thanks for the database and the tips converning gambling - will try that.

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You’re not too far from end game now, you’ll be there in the early to mid 50s normally.

I just realised i misread your “18” as your character level, not hours playtime, so my information is not quite correct >.<

But my general statement hodls true, set items are quite rare, a bit more rare than uniques and alot of set items have high levels too.

If you look through the database @TriKster recommended you can look through that.

There is also one 2-Piece Set from Monolith Of Fate, that has guaranteed drop chance from the boss(1 piece per kill).

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