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Set Gear dropping for other classes?

Hi, new player here. I am just wondering about gear drops for classes other than your own. I started a necro, and so far the only set pieces that have dropped for me is this set that heals on stun while transformed. Its even bear themed, so I am guessing its a Primalist set piece. Is there a plan to make it so only your classes sets drop, or at least they are more common. Or was this just a massive fluke getting 3/3 drops of the same set.

You can get sets for other classes to drop but they are significantly less likely. However I think that only Boardman’s set falls into that category at the moment, I certainly see Halvar’s and the Last Bear set when playing non-Primalists.

I drop all kind of sets that are not class restricted. Class restricted sets only drop when I play said class. The sample size is far to small thou, coul’d be bad luck or luck or something inbetween ^^.