Services Offline During Migration [LE-13]

UPDATE - Patch is Live!

Hello there everyone!

In order to launch 0.9 and migrate over backend services we have taken down both the Game and Website Login Portals. These services will be back online with the release at 11:00 AM CT.

If you are receiving a LE-24 error, rest assure that you will be able to play Last Epoch as soon the servers up as well.

We apologize for the inconvenience of the earlier than expected downtime but are looking forward to seeing and playing Last Epoch with you all online together soon!


Will this fix the issue for people who have bought the game Via your Website and have linked their steam account to Last Epoch account, but the game never shows up on the steam client? Message Both steam and Last Epoch support and Steam said you must buy it from them or have a code, which you said you do not need. Then Last Epoch support asked for pictures and info which i sent and only received auto response that servers are down after waiting 10 hours for a reply.

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Relaunch steam, that has seemed to fix the issue for most people.

Same exact problem here.

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Still not solved for me, got it to say migrating now and not working on steam with restarts or anything