Server Side Saves

Thanks for an already awesome game EHG!

Do you have an ETA on server side saves as yet? Can this be done before multiplayer, because once I found all current progress will be only accessible as single player(offline) I essentially stopped. I think there will be a few players who share the same sentiment, and would like our progress to be transferred to Multiplayer at launch. Like having an Offseason character already, and then a new season character to begin with everyone else at launch. You would have a lot more feedback as well with a larger player participation rate too.

Your character will not be transferred to multiplayer. Period. The possibility for cheating is too high for them to allow such a thing. I understand that you’d like everything online. Something that may help is you could view multiplayer as a new “season” (I cant remember what EHG will be calling them).

Server side saves will come at multiplayer launch, you can’t save a character that doesn’t exist yet.

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My suggestion was to implement the server side saves sooner, so that people can start the server side characters now. I understand that Multiplayer needs more tweaks, I am talking about single player server side saves sooner so that people can grind some characters and they can continue these characters when Multiplayer beta launch later. What do you think?

That’s basically asking for multiplayer. Just without the ability to “party” together with others. I suppose it could work, but it seems like a lot of effort to just allow single player, and not release multiplayer at the same time (which is marginally more work in comparison to the efforts needed to allow online server authoritative play in the first place).

As this is also beta, having everyone “skip” playing with others to get ahead before multiplayer launches reduces the likelihood that bugs and weird interactions between skills and classes will be found at the lower levels/zones/etc. I get what you want, I just don’t think its likely to happen.


Yeah, as Washa3 says, you’re asking for multiplayer before launching multiplayer. If you don’t want to play LE before MP launches that’s entirely up to you.

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I assume EHG’s plan is to have an offline mode where you can only play offline and something like closed BattleNet where your character data is stored on their servers to prevent cheating to some extent.
Also i think they should encrypt or change the way how offline character saves are stored.
Currently it is a plain text file that can be easily altered with notepad to give you 100 million gold/more skill points/etc.

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