Serpent Strike is Dead

Hi. I just wanted to ask everyone’s opinion on Serpent Strike. I only play this build on my super juiced beast master with most of my gear being end-game gear and ever since the patch I do about 65% less damage.

Since I’m doing poison variant, I think it is dead. I see there is new frost variant though.

I am very sad and liked this build because it reminded me of a simple cookie cutter frenzy barb build from Diablo.

RIP my favorite skill IMO.

Sorry for bad English.

Hi, i wouldn’t call it dead, the use of frostbite is great, although in combination with swarmblade. I think it can also work for Crit.

Then, there is the serpent part, that nobody uses.

I agree with you in so far that serpent strike use for poison as main damage is dead. Since poison has been nerfed it’s really sad that they didn’t even try to make serpent strike viable for poison anymore.

The tree could really benefit from a node that gives more poison damage or penetration per Point of dexterity or something.

Played this build a while ago and a bit sad if it is indeed dead now with the nerf. Hopefully things can get further tweaked to bring it back to viable.

Has anyone tried using cold Serpent strike as a Beastmaster? I’m thinking about trying it since poison is meh. And I don’t wanna make a new primalist, go druid and swarmblade.

Potential ward synergy for the new cold res stacking node in serpent strike with Low life and the Frostbite shackles, can stack up decent amount of ward and dodge which is sick defensively combined with massive DR from berserker, ursine strength and aspect of the boar. Very gear dependent though as you WILL need either exsang or/and last steps of living for ward gen(Ukheiros only works on spells) and may also need Xithara’s conundrum to remove leech. Dual/single humming bees might also work for ward gen but only for Druid as you need swarmblade to remove the spear requirement.

I’m using it for my Sabertooth Beastmaster which also needs low-life and is pretty meme but surprisingly solid with the rework to Sabertooth. Beastmaster, Level 96 (LE Beta 0.9.0d) - Last Epoch Build Planner
Sadly the sabertooth/frenzy totem interaction is bugged so am losing quite a bit of dmg from that but the build is solid enough to do T4 Arena with no legendaries nd kinda suboptimal gear(but still kinda hard to get).

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I have to say though while serpent venom LOOKS interesting, they removed all the poison support the skill has. And the entire constrictor portion of the skill looks dumb, Use Serpent strike every 2 seconds what are you supposed to do till then? sit in melee range ? use a different autoattack? yeah spam swipe or tempest strike if you want a poison autoattacker cos they got plenty of poison support…

Sorry for rant but constrictor and its supporting nodes just look pretty silly to me.

Thanks for the reply! I’ll definitely look into your build, just need to farm some stuff. I am still farming black sun for Herald of the scurry but getting boring as hell so might as well progress instead. Yeah i agree Serpent strike poison is pretty shit.

Serpent strike as a damage dealing skill is dead and buried.

Serpent Strike as defensive utility skill is ridiculously overpowered. Any build that uses SS, but does its damage through other means (Swarmblade Tornados, Minions) gets capped dodge and 18% cull

My expectation is that dodge will get nerfed and that will finally kill the skill, but lets wait and see.

I would not recommend Sabertooth build then lol! Needs lots of Formosus farming, just kind of a proof of concept that Sabertooth can be decent and Serpent strike can be useful(not as damage but defense).

I thought Ice wolves hold up, pretty decently endgame and scurry was more of a cherry on top.