Serpent strike doing no damage

So I can’t use serpent strike to break boxes or do any damage to anything in the recent multiplayer build 0.8.14c. I’m a Shaman using a normal Bearded Axe. Switching to swipe or other attacks works fine, but no luck on anything with serpent strike.

Serpent Strike requires a polearm, not an axe. Not a bug.

I’ll argue that this is a UI issue – if it requires a specific weapon, it shouldn’t be animating and activating if the proper weapon isn’t equipped. Possibly it should even be greyed out. But thanks! I’ll try that out.

Have noticed the same issue, it is as Derim says. Serpent Strike is “Spear Only” However the skill is letting it be used if you have a different weapon type equipped.

This is putting the character animation in the default T stance and then casting the skill animations rather than the skill being unable to be used.

Yeah, this is a CT/MP-test client specific issue.

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