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Serious Performance issues in Arena - Void Trails + Black Hole

Casting Black Hole on Void enemies instantly caused enough CPU load to seriously lag my game for a few seconds and force my CPU fan into overdrive to keep up.

I have a FX 8320 (just barely the recommended I know but it handles the rest of the game just fine, solid 60 usually with vsync on), stable + cool OC to 4.2ghz. During the performance spike temps reached 51.3c (which isn’t high, until you realize my CPU fan went from the ~4000 rpm it normally sits at during gameplay to 6400 rpm in order to keep it managed).

Log file attached.output_log.txt (710.2 KB)

EDIT: Video card is a Vega 64, and 32gb of DDR3 1600 RAM, game is on an SSD.

Thanks! We’ll see what else can be done here.

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