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Serious bug leveling up properly

Whenever I choose to unspecify/despecialize a skill, I always lose a point or more depending on level, only 1 is available in the end after new pick. It is a game breaking bug. Fix this as soon as possible I can’t imagine being level 10 for example with only 1 point again all over… :nauseated_face:

This is not a bug. Moving to Feedback and Suggestions.

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Thanks for answering. So, there is another or there will be other procedure to change a skill specialization? Or it is a penalty for changing it at all and we must pick carefully even much deeper in the game when more skills unlock? Any further documentation is much appreciated.

Since this has been moved to feedback and suggestions, I am noting that I approve of the current design. As I understand it, re-leveling skills becomes trivial post level 40/50 therefore only presenting a minor inconvenience to swap and try different skill combinations. I believe this is okay even for the same skill (e.g. Wanting to try a different branch within a skill).

It forces player decision and commitment while still providing flexibility with a drawback.


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