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Sentinel's Retaliation passive not working?

Operating System: window 10

Detailed description: I am building a Hammer build and wanting to increase my Hammer’s damage. I thought Retaliation is a good way because it boosts a lot of %. After testing for a while, I am pretty sure Retaliation does not increase Hammer’s damage. Then I tested it with Lunge and Rive and neither of them were increased. I tested it with 90% damage increase so it should be very noticeable. The way this passive explains, I should get overall 90% damage buff after I get hit right? I tried it with range Hammer and melee Rive/Lunge. Don’t work. Please look into it.

PS: I just tried putting all 15 points into Retaliation and I don’t see any major damage increase. I am not sure if the 225% damage increase is only for the next Hit or it’s a constant buff as long as I keep getting hit within 4s. Either way, I tested both and I don’t see any major damage boost.

What were you doing at the time? fighting in Arena

How consistently does this happen? Yes.

Your system information:

Your log file:

Sorry for the late response!

We’ve established that Retaliation is currently granting the wrong stat. A fix for this has been developed and will be included in the next patch. Thanks for the report!

Closing thread as bug was fixed a while ago.