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Sentinel Void Knight Time Rot Warpath

Hi everyone !
Just want to share my current build. As the title says, it’s a Void Knight Spin-to-Win toon.


  • Offense: the build is based on three mechanics

    • Critical strikes with a two handed sword
    • Echoes: Using the passive skill point Echo Knight and small passive skill points of the class tree, you’re able to cast 2/3 echos at the same time + your own warpath. It’s great for clearing and great for bossing !
    • Time Rot: With the Maw of the Deep, the aim is not cumulate DoT, but to get more damage per hit per time rot stack on the target. With +15% more damage per stack and 2 echoes + your own warpath, it’s a loooot of damage.
  • Defense: Mainly life leech and armour. capped resistances of course

The main affixes to aim for on the stuff are:

  • flat void damage when possible
  • increased void damage
  • crit chance
  • crit multi
  • void penetration
  • level of warpath
  • chance to bleed (as Apocalypse Whirl convers it to chance to apply Time Rot)
  • melee attack speed

The main passive points to target are:

  • chance for skills to echo
  • damage
  • life
  • crit multi
  • increased void damage

Concerning the skills

  • aoe/boss dps skill : warpath
  • movement: Lunge
  • devoring orb: to get increased move speed, and increased damage while devoring orb is active
  • anomaly: to get the life leech, crit chance and attack speed buff while inside the time bubble

Link to Dammit planer:

feel free to give your opinions !
The build is not quite finished of course, but for the time I played it, it’s probable the best build I made !

See you soon travelers

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