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Sentinel Vengeance skill doesn't register hits on close combat

Severity: Normal

Steps to reproduce:
1.Login the game
2.Create a Sentinel
3.Unlock the vengeance skill
4.Move close to enemy
5.Use Vengeance

Expected result:
The skill would deal damage and register

Actual result:
Sometimes it does some time is doesn’t

I’ve added a link to my google drive so you can download the video showing it .flv file.
P.S this computer doesn’t have video editing tools :frowning:
Link -

I am experiencing a similar issue with all melee attacks with sentinel.

I’ve only played about an hour, so pardon me if this is something that is not a big deal as you progress. I picked the sentinel as my first, and was using the dash attack to initiate fights, but this puts you directly on top of the monster a lot of the time. It seems like if you share the same space as an enemy, all of your melee attacks just miss. If I adjust my character a step or 2 away, the hits will land.

So is it always going to be about re-positioning slightly to do melee attacks or am I missing something?

Does this happen with different base types (1h/2h swords) or is it just polearms?

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