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Sentinel stances

Hi, and happy new year,

Question, is there already a date, when you add skill tree for sentinel and his stances he can take?

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They’ve not mentioned anything about it specifically (recently, other than that they might change them to passives).

So they left it untouched, because they do not know, what to do for stances?

Or they’ve not had time to get round to do it (IMO, more likely). They have been fairly busy this year.

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I know everyone else has been jonesing for MP and Rogue and what not but I have to confess, being a full melee paladin type fan boy, Stances have been the thing I’ve most been itching to see. :smiley:

Try mecha Paladine as take off and different build.

You gear and craft armor and Shild to “flat thorn damage” and “% reflection”.

You go forgeguard first part to “thorn on minon”.

You skill “forge Armor” left side for reflection damage, and maximum body Armor, and Shild modification.

To the right side, to the 30% taunt effect.
“Rest” of points for more defence on glove, helm, boots…

Holy Aura, defence bonus, judgement aura life regg mode.

For you main, ring of Shild (reflection) and defence, and “rebuke” as Shild bubble.

If you want,you can switch judgement to sigil of hope (a little more to cast).

Or you switch to smite as orbital Lazer on your mecha which heals him and give melting ground effect.

As idol -> reflection, reflection, reflection.

Playstyl, you walk on map with mecha, you bubble yourself in Shild wall and rebuke, you watch mecha kill the map.

It is a very afk relaxing playstyl.


I might just give this a whirl. I love tinkering around with sentinel builds.

Stances are in since I picked up the game for early access and for sure their were in even long before.

The vision of gameplay really has altered a lot since then.

Would be cool to see skilltrees one day but o doubt it will be the number of stances we have today. I guess it would be one stance you can build into several directions like defensive ( today’s juggernaut) or offensive (e… what? epher… the void thing). And I’d expect not only passive stats but more active things. Maybe like buffing other existing skills on proc events… like… if you get hit while in juggernaut stance, your next hit with rebuke will deal double damage. Stuff like this. A real synergy monster that enhances some cool mechanics we haven’t seen, yet.


I hope so, rebuke fails hard in boss fight, because most channeled damage abiltiy count only as 1 attack, not 100 attacks on you.

I don’t think that’s why Rebuke is bad for bosses as a DPS skill. In my experience you want to get hit lots while channelling Rebuke to build up the stacks of 20 additional phys damage that then get “released” when you finish channelling. Since bosses don’t generally hit too much this doesn’t give you many stacks, Lagon’s sweeping eye beam potentially being one exception though I think that’s supposed to be a DoT so wouldn’t proc the +20 phys damage anyway.